Aalisha is Whitey's OC.

Art is by Luster.

Background information
Creator Whitey
Theme Song(s)
Elemental Attribute Air
Main Attribute Encouragement
Theme Animal Phoenix
Theme Color Violet
Character information
Occupation Traveler
Species Dragon
Goal Support her friends
Residence No permanent residence
Relatives Unconfirmed
Allies Friends of hers, others who she doesn't have a grudge against
Enemies Others she has a grudge against
Likes Her feathers, reading, sketching
Dislikes Boredom, arguments, not enough drawing supplies
Powers and abilities Speed, strength, fire, agility, intelligence
Weapons Teeth, claws, fire
Quote "Back off, imbecile!"

Appearance Edit

Aalisha is a soft, light gray on most of her body. She has hints of purple in areas like the base of her tail and on her neck, but she's mostly gray. Most call her grayish-purple, and her large, feathered wings are mostly purple, but they have a row of the same gray-purple she has on her body. She has a crest of soft, longish hair that is also purple. It runs all the way down to her tail, which is slightly thick. She has dark eyes and long horns that curl backwards and twist at the end. She has a long, fox-like snout with a small black nose on the end. Her ears are large and can move around like a fox's, and she has long whiskers that split into two ends at the end, along with two smaller whiskers that barely reach down to her chin. Her head is overall fox-like, except for her horns. Her claws are long and sharp, never really separating into claws, but staying more like fingers. Her hind claws have an extra toe.

Personality Edit

Aalisha is extremely antisocial, preferring to go off by herself rather than find a group. Though she often feels lonely by this, she also feels awkward when she's in a group. She doesn't keep up on social gossip, so she's often left out on conversations. She enjoys drawing, and wishes she was better. She is very crazy most of the time, but her moods can overcome her, and she can become dark and rather upset. She is fiercely independent, and will pretty much never take on a partner in activities and such if she has the choice. She will talk if she has too, but other than that she prefers to be alone. Sometimes, she tries to hang out with others she's known, but they've always shut her out for some reason. She has depression, which varies from minor to major form the symptoms she's read about. She is sometimes in so much emotional pain she draws something depressing, or she runs something sharp enough across her arm, which is painful enough to leave a welt for a couple hours but dull enough to not draw blood. She is slightly bipolar, having grudges for years and snapping at people extremely easily.

Abilities Edit