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Background Information
Creator Stormlash
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Character Information
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Gender Male
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Species Griffon
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Ships Kaiyo possibly floofy
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Aeris's fur is a distinct cool gray. His wing tips fade into black, as does his talons, beak, and accent feathers. His tail is noticeably longer than the average griffon, and he's taller as well. His body is solidly muscular, but not in a bulgy or an obtrusive way. Thin lines of blue fur/feathers accent this griffon's contours, swirling around his form like fancy tattoos, and particularly dense in the chest and shoulder-blades.

All in all, Aeris could look like a powerful and regal griffon, but a wry and almost mischevious smile, and glint in his cool blue eyes change the vibe up. There is something deeper and softer inside him, soft like his exceptionally silky fur and feathers.