Aradox is a weird little little creature. Not even he's sure exactly what he is. This is a representation of me.


Aradox is an odd creature that resembles a multi colored Griffon. He has green eyes, and a blue head with red accents around his eyes. His neck is yellow with black stripes, and his chest all the way to his are dark green. His Lion half is normal Lion colored though. His wings are blue and green patterned. His beak is black, and his tail is grey with a black tip. He is around the size of a Great Dane, and can rear up on his hind legs to use his eagle claws in front as makeshift hands.


Arado is pretty awkward around creatures most of the time. However, around creatures he likes he can act spontaneous, random, and even creepy. He has been said to have a weird taste in cuteness, finding things such as Scotoplanes, Jumping Spiders, and Desert Rain frogs adorable. He, despite his cheerfulness, has low self esteem and often chooses not to go through difficult tasks believing he can't handle them. He enjoys creeping/weirding creatures out, and being surprised himself. He isn't at all argumentative, and in fact hates debates of any kind. He goes out of his way to avoid these, and will only debate about things that he thinks are important. He also enjoys making random references to things that only he understands. He is very curious and has an active imagination.


He has a vast amount of powers, and can do virtually anything he can imagine. But since his imagination's so scattered, it prevents him from using all of these powers. Two powers he can consistently do are sprouting tentacles and exploding with no ill affects.


"You have called upon my innate energy. In other words: UNLEASH THE POWEERRRR!"

"Well, I'm scarred for the rest of my natural life. How are you doin?"