Arnie is one of LEWIS-in-WAV/sincerelilac's avatars/fursonas in the MMORPG, Second Life. You may use her if interested, but please give credit.

Arnie ref
Background information
Creator LEWIS-in-WAV/sincerelilac
Theme Song(s)
Elemental Attribute
Main Attribute
Theme Animal
Theme Color Black, orange, white
Character information
Age N/A
Gender Hermaphrodite (Female pronouns)
Species Cat-Thing
Allies Class
Powers and abilities Can switch to her Thing-form (but cannot change back)
Weapons her tendrils and many mouths

Appearance Edit

Arnie is a cat with black fur, light/dark red eyes, fiery-orange hair tied in two buns, sharp; shark-like teeth, long ears and a fluffy tail.

She usually wears faux fur coats and sneakers, but her usual outfit is a white coat, matching capris, sneakers, and glasses.

Her "Arnie-Thing" form consists of having the same physical traits, but slightly changed. Her hair is a short bob, her eyes are sunken in, she has bigger teeth, a fluffier neck, and a broader muzzle. She also has tendrils with multiple eyes and some mouths, thick; red veins, and a opening on her lower body, which reveals a second; cat-shaped appendage.

Personality Edit

Arnie is narcissistic at a few points, but can only care for someone at some time. She is able to work through anything as long as she can do it. She also has an affinity for redheads and glasses, but sometimes it'll be intersexed beings. She's sensitive to light and fire, and cannot force herself to escape when around it. She's also a bit arrogant.

Trivia Edit

  • Arnie is one of the avatars to have marketplace-brought textures, but with no modding.
  • Her favorite color is white.
  • Her favorite genre of anything is, you guessed it, horror.
  • She was developed during Halloween.

Gallery Edit