Miniature sketch thingy

Aurf belongs to Mystic Ice. No touch!

Appearance Edit

Aurf is a female jet black gryphon/griffin/gryfon/however you want to spell it.

Her head is more narrow, curling into a grey sharp and pointy beak. Her eyes are golden-amber, and she has long pointy ears (that are also fluffy). Her wings are long and dark. Instead of half lion and eagle, she is half cat and hawk. Her tail is long and fluffy, and she has tail feathers right behind her wings. She has sharp claws. She is the size of a cat.

Personality Edit

She is wise, but likes to be silly. She isn't smart, but she knows more than the average person. She is shy, but very friendly. She is often left out and/or excluded, because people think she's weird. But it doesn't bother her often, as she also likes being alone.

"The loneliest people are the most accepting, all because they don't want others to feel like they do."

She values the opinions of others, always wishing to please people by helping them out. She doesn't make enemies easily, and making friends with anyone is a special talent of hers. Unless they are close to her, though, she will often drift away from them. She gets along well with everyone.

Aurf has very high standards, and low tolerance for anyone who complains about anything. Manners are important in her world, and sometimes she can be a bit OCD about certain things. She feels disdain towards most other people, as most of them act like sheep. She does not like sheep. She finds them too sheepy.