Ayano is Vee's OC. Please do not use her without permission.


Ayano is a young female cat with white fur with thin, different-colored tabby stripes (light grey, dark grey, black, pale blue, stuff like that), and two pitch-black tails. Her paws and ears are a light grey, her toes and eartips being darker. Her eyes change colors depending on her mood: Light blue is happiness, dark red is anger, grey is sorrow, light orange is hunger, and pale green is calmness. Her default eye color is a silvery color flicked with white. She wears a thin red scarf around her neck.


Ayano is sweet and kind, and dislikes violence. She doesn't hold grudges for too long, sometimes not at all. She is gentle around others, even if they're hostile toward her. She is very quiet and sometimes even a bit shy. She loves to draw, which is a bit difficult for her because she has paws and can't hold a paintbrush, but she doesn't give up easily.

Ayano always tries to tell the truth, and hates lying due to something that happened in her past.



Ayano was born in a forest, with her sister Ai. Ai was stolen by foxes when the two were only a month old, and Ayano doesn't know where she is or why the foxes took her. Ayano eventually found a small group of cats where she made her home. A year later Ayano found Ai, alive and unwounded.

Sadly, though, Ai was again captured by humans and taken away, and Ayano hasn't seen her since then. Despite that, she hasn't stopped searching.

A month after, she met her father, who asked her to leave the group of cats and to come back to him and her mother. She refused, and her parents asked about Ai. She lied to them, telling them that she was okay, and they left after that, but Ayano felt horrible lying to them. She eventually forgave herself for it, and promised that she'd always be honest.