Background information
Creator Avillan
Theme Song(s) Somebody's watching me
Elemental Attribute
Main Attribute Hiding
Theme Animal
Theme Color Grey
Character information
Gender Male
Occupation Sneaking around
Species Sri Lanka Frogmouth
Goal Have fun
Allies Blob
Enemies None really
Likes Hiding, hanging out
Dislikes Being restricted
Powers and abilities Flying, hiding well
Weapons He doesn't fight
Quote "You're thinking of it wrong. Don't think of it like I'm hiding in your house. Think of it like I'm volunteering to keep bugs out for free."
Barred is a male Sri Lanka Frogmouth. He likes sneaking around, hiding in random places, and generally being creepy.


Barred Is a male Frogmouth with grey feathers. He's about nine inches tall, and a large head with a hooked beak and giant eyes. He has a pattern of black bars, and black speckles on his head.


Barred is rather odd. He's very curious, and likes to find things out. He can also be gluttonous, and enjoys catching insects. He has a sense of humour, and enjoys playing pranks on random creatures. He is very good at hiding, and owns feather dyes that can make him blend into any enviroment.