rabies's fursona 

actual name is buddy 

Appearance Edit

  • rabid
  • mmm rabiess,,,,,
  • tank says odiosam
  • buds on back
  • he's a dog btw,,,

Personality Edit

  • i'd be pretty grumpy too if my head was being rotten away by rabies
  • is friends with a st bernard oc that i need to go make later,,,,
  • masochist and sadist
  • bipolar
  • rrABIES
  • can be a real b**ch if provoked
  • will srsly rip your throat out if he feels like it tbh
  • right so bipolar- he has these really gigantic and messed up mood swings
  • super mischevious he will mess with everyone
  • if he knows u he'll try to be chill around u