Caeci is Luster's OC. Please don't use her without permission.


Her name is pronounced Kay - chee.


Caeci is an Ovoo (an extinct monitor lizard), so she has long, slender fingers with curled black claws on the tips. She is rather short and skinny with twig-like limbs. Her neck is quite long and her tail is also long and sinewy.

She usually wears short sundresses or informal dresses and skirts. She wears a pair of top-rimmed black glasses and wears an onyx ring on her left middle finger.

Her scales are a dusty grey with a paler, yellowish tinted underbelly. Her tongue is long and flat with a chip in the center.

Her eyes are a bright yellow-orange.


Caeci doesn't really fit into any crowd. She floats between groups and has no definite friends. She is rarely self conscious and likes to have fun. She is kind-hearted and hates seeing others suffer.

She is pretty smart, but not in any advanced classes. She dislikes school and loves nature and the beach especially.

She can be a bit overbearing at times with her extreme joy, but can also easily be tolerated and will follow directions loyally.