Cinereous is a male feathered dragon, adopted from ulven-f on dA by Mystic Ice.

Do anything suspicious with him, and Zaff'll bite your head off.

Background information
Creator Mystic Ice
Theme Song(s)
Elemental Attribute Fire
Main Attribute Kindness
Theme Animal Hawk
Theme Color Earthy brown tones
Character information
Age 21
Gender Male
Occupation Scavenging
Species Dragon
Residence North
Allies Everyone, really. And Zaffaera
Enemies None
Likes To spread happiness
Dislikes Know-it-alls
Powers and abilities Fire, sharp sight
Weapons Fire, teeth, and claws
Quote Woah, calm down!


Appearance Edit

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Cinereous is a young, earth coloured dragon with soft, feathered wings and a long tail. Cinis is thinly built, with a long, graceful neck and snout.