Cynthia is Tundra's dragonsona. DO NOT USE HER FOR ANYTHING.

Background information
Creator Tundra
Theme Song(s) Coldplay songs, Marina and the diamonds songs, imagine dragons songs, etc
Elemental Attribute
Main Attribute
Theme Animal
Theme Color Black, lime green, blue
Character information
Age 14
Gender female
Occupation being there for others
Goal to be recognized
Residence anywhere really
Relatives Unnamed mother and father
Allies Almost everyone
Enemies Almost no one
Likes Music, art, hanging out with friends, comedy, etc
Dislikes Chaos, being in bad moods, being bored
Powers and abilities


Cynthia is a black dragoness with a large, blue mane. She has four blue markings under her eyes. Her eyes are a striking lime green. She has blue markings in pairs of two on her chest, limbs, and wings.

She is rather thin, but not unhealthily thin. She isn't very muscular, but she is slim. She has a thin snout.


Cynthia is basically me. Very moody. She is very clumsy, and sometimes hurts people and doesn't know it. She is very sensitive. Most of the time she is very happy and fun. She's very crafty and creative. Cynthia enjoys music. Sometimes, Cynthia can get very angry. When she's angry, she's angry. She will mess you up.