Daze is Vee's OC. Please don't use him without permission.


Daze is a pitch-black male cat with differently-colored eyes: His left eye is a bright sky-blue, and his right is a cold dark-grey, his pupils being a darker shade of the iris color. His tail is actually a venomous black snake with blood-red eyes, so that's mostly the reason everyone's scared of him. Daze's nose, pawpads, and the insides of his ears are white.


Daze has a split personality.

A good side represented by his blue eye, which glows when he's in said positive form. In this form, he has a more relaxed appearance, and he is more outgoing and calm. Though he isn't exactly "nice", he isn't murderous, so that's good, right? ...Right? The downside to this personality is that he's never interested in anything for too long, or sometimes not at all.

His bad side is represented by his grey eye, which also glows, but when he's in his negative form. In this form, he's cold and hateful, and sometimes murderous depending on the time of day. He never speaks when in this form, and no one knows why. He always looks as if he's ready to tear something to shreds in this form.

In both personalities, he has a liking to fruits like apples and oranges, and likes the color indigo, and hates vegetables and the color yellow. Whenever he switches back to his positive side, he has no recollection of what happened while in his negative side.


When Daze was created - no, not born, created - by an unknown person, he was considered a failure and was thrown out to die. He was only a kitten at the time, but he started out at six months old - also part of the "failure". Everyone was scared of him because his tail always struck out at others who came too close.

He eventually found a secluded part of the forest with everything he needed - fruits being his main source of food. Though whenever he switches to his negative personality, he leaves his home to find some unlucky soul to kill. He doesn't eat whoever he kills. Instead he leaves them there for someone to come across them.


  • Daze was originally intended to have two negative personalities, but that was quickly changed.
  • He was originally a small griffon with black fur speckled with white.
  • His name was originally Akuma, which means "devilish" or "demon" in Japanese.