Eternity is a male feral dragon OC of Whitey's. Do NOT use without permission.

Appearance Edit

Eternity is an extremely dark dragon with a few scattered scales on his wings. He has deep, deep blue eyes, and he also has a bracelet with an odd curving design on it. He has sharp white teeth and claws, a long, medium tail, and a forked pink tongue. He has straight horns.

Abilities Edit

He can breathe fire and blend into dark shadows. He can also use his extremely sharp class and teeth as lethal weapons. He has enhanced eyesight, hearing, and smell, but none of them are too reliable except for the sight. He is also rather strong, able to win most fights. However, he has several battle scars. He also sometimes carries around a spear that has several lethal points. He is well trained with this spear. However, he rarely carries it around, only when he is going somewhere dangerous.

History Edit

He was hatched in a forest, with only his father. He was taught everything by his only parent, but when he was five his father went hunting and never came back. Weeks later, he found him with his eyes and tongue gorged out, smiling in his death. After being scarred for life, Eternity vowed to find who did the murder. After that, Eternity spent several weeks training, and is now much stronger than he was before.