Flareon is a female dragonsona of FlareTheSkyWing

Background information
Creator Flareon
Theme Song(s) Killing Time- Silent Hill
Elemental Attribute Fire
Main Attribute wierdness
Theme Animal Flareon
Theme Color Red, orange
Character information
Age 13
Gender Female
Occupation Derping
Species Dragon
Goal Break into Area 51 and get out alive
Residence Pennsylvania
Relatives People she doesn't like much
Allies Her friends
Enemies Those who have wronged her
Likes Dissection, blog, gore, Silent Hill, Wings of Fire
Dislikes A lot of stuff
Powers and abilities Fire breathing, pyrokinetics can float
Weapons Scalpel, Great Spear, Portal gun
Quote "Hey! You seem cool, can I dissect you? Oh, I'm perfectly sane.

Do not use Flareon with Flareon's consent, if you do use Flareon without Flareon's consent. Flareon will tell a admin.


Flareon is small about the size of a cat, but a bit bigger. She has reddish-orange scales. Flareon has dark blue eyes. Flareon does not have wings. She's thirteen years old.

Running down her back in a frill like feature.


Flareon is well... Strange. She is fun-loving,  normally happy. She has a case of depression, which she tends to try and ignore. Although very rarely this will take over and she will sit in a corner or something.

Flareon has a large interest for blood, gore, dissection and horror. She is also obssessed with a scavenger game known as Silent Hill. Flareon resides in a abandoned hilly area near the Rainforest Kingdom.


Despite not having wings, Flareon can still fly. 

Flareon can breathe fire and can use Pyrokinesis, when her Pyrokinesis is used too much, Flareon begins too have painful headaches.