Fred is Mystic's... honestly I don't know what I would call him. But anyways, please don't steal him or anything, although I don't think anyone would steal a fly... Please, don't squish Fred. Fred is nice, and doesn't deserve to be killed.

Appearance Edit

Fred is almost your average all-black housefly. He has two pretty fly wings, and big shiny eyes. Fred grew himself a purple moustache so he could be different from the other flies.

Personality Edit

Fred is very kind and friendly. He likes to make lots of friends, and travel everywhere to meet new ones. Fred can talk, but you will only hear him if he shouts and you let him sit in your ear. Fred is a very good conversationalist, and likes to talk about many things. He is very smart for a fly, and can even remember his way out of a room!

History Edit

When Free was still nothing but a tiny little maggot, the fly gods took pity on him because he was always shoved around. He was tiny and weak, and wouldn't have lasted very long if the fly gods hadn't been so nice as to give him immortality. After that, Fred's job was to make other flies and beings happy. So as long as he doesn't get squished, he will live forever.

Random facts Edit

  • Fred likes spiders because they are very friendly and welcoming and always try to invite him over for a big meal and to hang in their web (if you know what I mean...). Sadly, Fred doesn't usually have time to go and stick around for long.
  • Fred cannot swim. But he can walk on water.
  • Fred sometimes likes to play "jump in the plant's mouths and jump out before you die" with venus fly traps.