Welcome to the Furry Friends Wiki!

Hi! Welcome to the Furry Friends Wiki. We're a community of Furries that enjoy roleplaying, talking about Furries and having fun!

This wiki holds all types of content, from Stories, OC's and Fursonas, Information about popular creators or even Roleplaying in the discussion area. You're free to participate in anything.

This wiki is open to all types of people. We'll accept anyone who wants to join us, Furry or not. The place is kind of dead, but so many people can help make it more alive again! Just make sure you follow the Rules so we don't have to step on your tail!

What are Furries?

For those who don't know, Furries are people with a particular affinity for animals. Most Furries are identified through their profile pictures or costumes, known as Fursuits. Some people use them to represent themselves, with these being called Fursonas. There are two types of Furries; a more human-like animal version, known as Anthro Furries, and a more animal-like version known as Feral Furries.

Latest activity

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