Georgina (Georgie) is Rainpool123's dragonsona. Do not use without her permission, please.


Appearance Edit

Georgie is a pale black dragon. She has white horns that curved backward and end in a sharp point. Her eyes are neon green. Georgie has long, brown hair. She dyes the tips various colour, but the most common colour she uses is blue. This is similar with the fur she has on the end of her tail.

Georgie wears a red bandana around her neck.

Personality Edit

Georgie is kind, and will try not to judge someone based on their first experience, unless the experience is quite long, and she has enough time to collect details on that certain someone. She knows you can think one thing about someone, and be completely baffled when they have a secret they didn't tell anyone.

Georgie loves to write, read, create art, and create music. She has several books in progress, but often forgets about them, busy with other tasks. She is part of a band called the Missing, which is still being smoothed-out and developed with her friends.

Georgie loves to hang with her friends, and likes to tease them. But, if one is rude to her friends, she may try to dismember them, verbally(?).

Georgie also plays the violin, and enjoys doing so.

History Edit

In the area where she was born, Georgie was born in the largest town. A little later, she moved to a different area. After a few years, she moved back to the town she was born in. After a few more years, she moved to another town, where she resides.

As a small dragonet, Georgie was pretty sickly. She got sick quite often, up until she was nearly adolescence. Now, she rarely gets (full-blown) sick, because of her immune system building up over the years from being sick. She, in a weird way, is thankful she got sick in the past.

Georgie is/was a mostly straight-A student, the lowest grade she ever received being a B+, at 89%. She stays with the friend she's met as a young dragonet, although the friends she's met when she was older drift away.

Georgie wants to either be an author/paleontologist, or perhaps a chemist. She also would love for the band to fully launch off, but is nervous about being targeted by fans who wouldn't mind killing.