Grievous is a dragon with the powers of light. not much is known about him though other than he has a brother that is the dark dragon

Background information
Creator Ajistofast
Theme Song(s) If we only learn from Pokemon the 13 movie
Elemental Attribute Light
Main Attribute Light
Theme Animal Dragon
Theme Color
Character information
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Occupation trying to stop any dragon that wishes to do harm. save others from dangers. seeing the good and evil in people
Goal To stop his brother the Dark dragon from ruling the universe.
Residence The cave of Light
Relatives His brother The dark dragon also known as Ghetsis
Allies Anyone that does not attack him
Enemies The Dark dragon
Likes People who will never give up
Dislikes Being called evil
Powers and abilities sharp claws, intense fire, a ball of light that can almost kill an opponent but must charge up to fire and wait to use again. Spiked tail.
Quote "If we only learn to trust"

Grievous is the only known light dragon and same goes for his brother.

Personality and traitsEdit

Grievous is very brave and will take on any fight and anyone that he sees as a threat. Grievous will also protect others and put himself in their way so he can save them. Grievous will never give up in a fight. He said he wants to save all dragons.

Abilities Edit

Grievous can make a ball of light can almost kill an opponent but he has to charge his attack and has to wait awhile before it can be used again. He has very sharp claws and a spiked tail. Grievous has scales that are immune to fire but nothing else. His claws are very sharp and hardly go dull. His wings are very strong so he can fly very fast. Grievous has very intense fire that could burn others very badly and can be destructive quickly. 


"Army or not you shall fall."

"Time can not be changed unless you want to destroy to universe."

"If we only learn to trust..."

"If you believe in yourself you can prove others wrong..."

"We all have a chance of life, but we always fight and take each others life's but is it really worth it?"

"I don't want to kill or hurt others but sometimes they ask for it.

Trivia Edit

Grievous is based off of General Grievous from Star Wars.

Some people say that Grievous is thousands of years old and the same goes for his brother.

Not much is known about Grievous or his brother.