Grumble is a young male Groaner who lives in Silent Hill. (I REGRET NOTHINGGGGGGG)

Background information
Creator Macabre (He can also be used by Flareon.)
Theme Song(s) Silent Hill OST - Silent Hill
Elemental Attribute Death.
Main Attribute Aggressive.
Theme Animal Groaner
Theme Color Milky yellow.
Character information
Age Unknown.
Gender Male.
Occupation Walking around Silent Hill
Species Groaner.
Goal Unknown.
Residence Silent Hill.
Relatives Unknown.
Allies Currently no one.
Likes Horror, dissection, coffee.
Dislikes the thought of friends, getting hit in the face with a crowbar.
Powers and abilities Increased strength.
Weapons Teeth.
Quote "Andddd that guy got his head bitten off. That was beautiful. Absolutely marvelous."


Grumble's a pretty odd person. After all, being an undead dog monster is a double edged sword. Due to his rather unappealing appearance, he's not a social butterfly at all. He also loves dissection and horror, and laughs at situations that would be considered terryifying by many. When he is provoked, he is very aggressive and it would be best to leave him alone, but if you think getting tore apart by a zombie dog is wonderful, go ahead and poke him with a stick.


Grumble seems to be an undead dog with heavily rotting skin. His bones are visible, hinting that maybe starvation was his cause of death. His eyes are a pure pearl white and never blink. Grumble's mouth is also coated with blood. WiP