Chapter One :

One time on the planet foxian there was a orange fox named Sky. She was a very curious fox who always had a thirst for both adventure and discovery. However one day she would lead to regret her thirst. As she was walking in the wolfdane forest she came across a wolf village. Now foxes and wolves were at war with each other for at least 10 years and Sky knew she was in a dangerous area. Foxes were not allowed to pass the wolfdane forest as beyond that point was wolf territory and any fox caught in that territory was immediately killed. Sky knew this for many years and was about to turn around when she caught sight of a grey wolf who had left the village gate. He was walking towards the wolfdane forest with two buckets in his hand. Sky had a sense of fear enter her head as she knew that if he saw her he would call the rest of the wolf warriors. So fearful she run deeper in the forest. But the wolf had moved in the same direction as her and as she was hiding behind a tree she felt a hand touch her. Startled sky jumped and saw the wolf. " I will not ", the wolf said. Sky looked at him unsure," How can I be sure you aren't lying", she queried. The wolf kissed her,"Does this remove doubt", The wolf said. Sky embraced the kiss but scared run from the wolf and out of the forest into fox territory again.