Indus is an eccentric RainWing explorer. He is fond of leaves, and often takes them from places he's seen as souvenirs.

Indus the Amazing Explorer
Background information
Creator Avillan
Theme Song(s) The firefly theme song
Elemental Attribute Air
Main Attribute Curiosity
Theme Animal Sun Conure
Theme Color Turquoise
Character information
Age 9
Gender Male
Occupation Explorer, unnoficial Biologist
Species Jungle Dragon
Goal The know everything he can, to collect leaves, to meet new Dragons
Residence His own tree house in the Rain forest
Relatives Not known
Likes Learning, chatting, winning
Dislikes Being prevented from learning. failing
Powers and abilities
Weapons Venom, claws, teeth, cunning, staff
Quote "Hey, I certainly have no problem with weird. I find a little variety is like magoes: it goes well with


Indus is a male RainWing with a slender frame. He enjoys the colors orange and green, and is often is those colors. He wears a necklace made of a variety of leaves that he's collected over his travels, and he is constantly switching them out when they dry up. HIs favorite coloration is orange with a green stripe running down his neck and side ending at the base of his tail. He has blue curved marks resembling eyebrows above his eyes, which he uses to emote better.


Indus is adventurous and inquisitive. He seeks knowledge through experience, and sometimes goes out of his way to do things harder in the hopes that he will learn from them. In the past he did even weirder things, like asking a SeaWing if he could borrow her gills, but has since toned down. He is very determined, and when told he can't do something he tries to do it just to prove he can.  He is somewhat bad socially, and often forgets to take the feelings of others in account. He isn't wary, and harbors next to no mistrust of others unless they prove to be untrustworthy. He has a respect for SeaWings and NightWings, SeaWings because he's interested in the sea, and NightWings for their knowledge and powers. It is very hard to make him angry, but when he is he is often very dramatic about it. He is very interested in dragons of the opposite gender, but rarely lets that distract him from his work. He is very expresseive, and almost never keeps his opinions to himself unless he thinks they're rude. He is very extroverted, and likes to know a lot about other Dragons. He is also musical, he enjoys singing and often bursts into song when bored or just when he feels like it.


Subsonic:Indus greatly admires Subsonic. He considers him dependable and determined, and trusts him to do things. Indus considers him to be the leader of the Dragons of Light. He considers him and Oracle to be a good couple.

Oracle : Indus considers Oracle one of his best friends of the Dragons of Light. He enjoys her company and jokes, but sometimes doesn't realize her good natured teasing of him. He also pitys her due to the multiple tortures Dark Frost has inflicted on her. He ships her with Subsonic.

Frost: Indus doesn't know Frost very well. The two haven't interacted much, but Indus admires Frost's inventiveness.

Grapefruit :Indus enjoys Grapefruit's company. He likes talking with her due to there shared backgrounds as Southern RainWings. He also admires her protectiveness, but fears she's trying to hard to get the others to accept her.

Starry:Indus likes Starry due to the fact they are so similar. The two enjoy playing with each other, and talking about random things.  Indus hasn't canonically met Starry, but they've interacted on chat.

Brighteyes:Brighteyes is Indus's most valued companion. She has saved him from danger countless times, as she was hired to do. They sometimes clash due to their opposite viewpoints, but Indus trusts her to think of things he would never even consider.


Besides his common pattern, Indus has a variety of patterns and likes to change style. This list is just his favorite ones. All of them, except for mystery mode, have his signature eyebrow marks.

Mystery ModeEdit

This pattern is used as a disguise, or just when Indus feels like being mysterious. It's all black, with white mask-like markings around his face. Starry, described it as: "Mysterious! And kind of handsome..."

Formal ModeEdit

This pattern is used in formal situations, or just when Indus wants to look impressive. He body is deep Green, with a dark, Gold, flame-shaped stripe running through it.

Serious ModeEdit

Indus uses this mode when he wants to be taken serious or authoritative. This is his simplest pattern, being completely NightWing


[1]Indus as an adorable, Eclipse drawn Cat. You know you want to take him home with you.[2]Indus drawn by DarkFlame. He looks a bit like the Pokemon Snivy here.[3]Human Delphox describes her opinion on Human Indus. Drawn by Tundra.[4] Add a photo to this gallery


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"Post mortem analysis. Delicious!"

"You are not hurting anyone else Dark Frost! Do you hear me? Not Grapefruit, not Shatter, not Subsonic, Frost, or even Sentinel! Sorry for doubting you by the way. This is the last time you harm ANY of my friends! I hope you're comfortable up in your cozy castle, cause guess who's coming to tear it all down!"

"Recruit people for what? Some sort of adventure? Perhaps of the knowledge finding sort? Will the Rainforest be involved? Oh right. Stupid question you're in the rainforest. So anyway, what's going on?"



"You lived a full life, scavenger face hair adornment."


"Hello. My name is Indus of the RainWings. You ate my mango. Prepare to die."


  • He is named after the Indus river, an Asian river that named India
  • He is largely an exageration of me, which is why I like him so much
  • His favorite animals are Cockatoos, and his two favorite Cockatoos are Cockatiels and Galah
  • He took an alignment test  and resulted in Chaotic Good
  • Instead of a Sloth, he owns a Binturong named Clamber
  • His voice is here: