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Background Information
Creator Heliosanctus Owned by Storm
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Character Information
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Gender Male
Orientation Pansexual
Species Griffon
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Ships Aeris
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Kaiyo is property of Stormlash. Please ask before using.


Sleek black fur coats this griffon, soft and shining silver in the light. His wings fade from black at the base to the same glittering silver at the tips, and the same silver color graces his talons and beak. He has gentle turquoise eyes and a longing, but slightly distant expression.

His body frame is lean, but healthy, with defined muscular regions and a tall form. He struggles with his stature, trying to replace his naturally inviting posture with something more menacing and more 'griffony'. There's no doubt, however, that Kaiyo is a friendly, well-tempered griffon that is gentle and kind. Just one look into his eyes would give it away.