LV belongs to LieutenantVelociraptor. Do not steal my bby.

(Guess you could say this is my main fursona.)

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Background information
Creator LieutenantVelociraptor
Theme Song(s) Michael Jackson - Beat It (Mutrix Dubstep Remix)
Elemental Attribute Earth
Main Attribute Adventurous, epic, found happy a lot
Theme Animal Human
Theme Color Dark green
Character information
Age 14
Gender Female
Occupation Spinning, drawing, doing anything random
Species Wolf
Goal Anything.
Relatives ALIVE
Allies Texting
Enemies People that hate spinning
Likes Swivel chairs, salads, Dubstep, friends, cheese, PewDiePie, bacon, random things, drawing, PASTAAAA~!, creepy objects, snakes, the sun, Shingeki no Kyojin and manga
Dislikes Anything that doesn't have a way to spin, super dull things, very serious people and bad Wi-Fi
Powers and abilities
Weapons A swivel chair that she pushes almost everywhere and some type of pen...? (THING FROM MEN IN BLACK?!)
Quote "Either you spin or you don't HEHEHEHE!"


LV is a dark green wolf, with brown fur that has been spiked out on her head and her eyes are a sky-blue. She has a red scarf and a light green vest. 

She sometimes wears her glasses but chooses not to since she's stubborn about eye wear. o3o"

Since she likes swivel chairs so much, her spiked fur might be tilted to one side from spinning too much.


LV is much like the Space Core from Portal 2 (Who is like her creator B3) and such. She doesn't focus on a lot of things and she's obsessed swivel chairs. She is perfectly content to bug people to no end until she gets what wants sometimes. Some people will get fed up with her or just plain annoyed. Though, she has something that make people attract to her and it makes her likeable. Whatever that is.

She likes to help others though, which is a good thing and is highly social to people that talk to her first. This comes in handy for a short while until she finds something else to become interested in. She doesn't find sports all that interesting... So that's a no go right there. 

LV will break out into a Russian accent or an British one when explaining things which quite weird and cool for some.