Maple belongs to Texting, and was given to Stormlash  please do not steal.

She is actually her main fursona.

The image I am using as the background is from here.

Edited Maple
Background information
Creator Texting
Theme Song(s) Geronimo by Sheppard

Budapest by George Ezra

Elemental Attribute Fire
Main Attribute Randomness, fun, outgoing, sometimes sad
Theme Animal Human
Theme Color Redish-Brown, earthen colors, fall colors
Character information
Age 13
Gender Female
Occupation Watching hockey, drawing, playing games, chatting
Species Wolf
Relatives All alive
Allies Her friends, Texting and Cameron
Enemies Others who she doesn't like >_>
Likes Hockey, waffles, donuts, maple syrup, fishing, hanging out with her friends, laughing, cheese balls because they're cheesy, cheese, crackers, bread, pizza, pasta, drawing, looking at other people's drawings, listening to music, breaking her earbuds, going out and buying headphones as a result, reading, going to the bookstore to spend an hour trying to find a book
Dislikes Mean people, girly girls who think life is about crushes and boys, when they don't even have the guts to make friends with a guy, basketball (sorry Cameron 3:), pancakes, blackberries, winter, summer because it's too hot, responsibility because it's too much work, toys because she never plays with them
Powers and abilities
Weapons Hockey stick, scissors if she's feeling adventurous, scalpel if she's having one of those surgeon days, sniper if she feels like shooting something, pellet rifle if she feels like game hunting
Quote "I'm really quite complex. No, really. REALLY. STOP WITH THE FACE."


Maple is an orangey red wolf, with white spots on her back. Her tail is stubby. She has a redish-brown spot on her head (that is actually Texting's real hair color). 

Maple often wears a Calgary Flames jersey, which is too big for her, but that makes her look cuter, right? :3

She also wears headphones on her head occasionally, them being a red and black color. 

Maple likes to prance around in leaves and whatnot, so she also has bits of leaf and sticks in her fur.


Maple is probably most like her owner, even more so than Texting and Steam. She tries to have an outgoing and positive look on things, even if she looks a little bit silly. She likes to speak in 'dinosaur' language, and make duck faces. Maple enjoys hanging out with her friends and chatting, and also enjoys watching hockey, especially her favorite team, the Calgary Flames. 

Maple really does like sports, except she is kind of lazy, and ends up not being able to catch the ball. She is quite good at floor hockey, however, because she really enjoys smacking things with sticks. She also is quite good at basketball, it just takes her a while to get her in the 'mode'. 

Maple is a pretty good student, however she is often a slacker with her studies and cant really pull off very good grades, even though she has 'potential'. 

She is very good friends with Texting and Cameron, and really likes to hang out with the two. She likes to tease Cameron for having a crush on Texting, and often tries to help him out. Secretly, she hopes that the two don't get in a relationship, because it may hinder their friendship.

Maple doesn't really believe in romantic relationships; She just likes to have good friends to hang out with! She doesn't get romantic with anyone, and as soon as it's even mentioned, she runs away screaming.  

Maple has a bit of an 'accent', sort of, or has a quite unique voice. She sometimes has trouble talking because she talks to fast and no one can understand her when she does that. 

Her favorite season is fall, and in fall is her favorite holiday, Halloween! Maple loves to scare others, and creep people out. She also really, really likes chocolate, so she gets the best of both!