Marauder belongs to Stormlash. Do not use him, period.


Background information
Creator Stormlash
Theme Song(s) Skillet - Awake and Alive
Elemental Attribute Fear, horror
Main Attribute Blood
Theme Animal
Theme Color Red, Black, Grey.
Character information
Age 6
Gender Male
Occupation "Eating" dragons alive
Goal To stuff everyone in dragonet skins
Enemies Everyone not in a suit
Likes Blood, gore, scaring, eating dragons alive
Dislikes Everything not in a suit
Powers and abilities Nothing special
Weapons Claws, teeth, scariness
Quote "You... Are... Next..."

Art by Texting Wolf


Marauder was a large NightWing. While he was alive he was a dark grey, with crimson eyes and a black underbelly. Since the skin he pulled over the endoskeleton didn't fit, his skin ripped in twenty or so places, and his tail is completely bare. Short titanium spikes jut through the rips in his scales on his tail, giving him a fearsome appearance. The Robotic endoskeleton is showing along his spine and tail, showing the blood, wires, and gears. His head is made of dark grey titanium, with red glowing eyes, and sharp horns that can be used for impaling his victims. His head is completely bare. There is a sharp, bloodied blade on the tip of his tail. Due to being completely made of titanium he is very light and fast. He is easily damaged by any strong wind or rain. Water will destroy his fragile circuitry. He has sharp, serrated talons and teeth, perfect for destroying flesh, and sharp, short spikes where his wings would connect to his body. There are gaps in his titanium armor, covered by his scales with important circuitry underneath. Few such areas are his neck, lower underbelly, and spine. His wires are highly flammable.


Marauder's favorite way to kill a victim is during the dead of night, when they can only see his glowing red eyes. He weakens them with painful, non lethal bites, then slowly crush the victim's skull with his powerful jaws. If he can't do that he'll tear the victim's throat out.

He always kills as safe as he can. He knows how easily he could be destroyed by his victim if he isn't careful. Staying with the other group of Dragomatronics, as it is safer for all of them. He loves to cause pain to his victims.

Causing pain to others pleasures him. He likes to stuff his victims into a suit of dragonet skin and then leave the suit in a populated area. He enjoys talking with the other Dragomatronics, as they are the only things he won't kill. He feels unloved by the other Dragomatronics. When someone cares about him he returns that care by protecting them.


Marauder is the seventh Dragomatronic prototype created. He was kidnapped along with his siblings and takes to Jade Mountain. His siblings were used for research, but he had a darker fate. The scientists vivisected him over the course of a few hours. He was alive for most of the vivisection. The pain they inflicted on him was immense, but they purposely kept him alive. He was left to rot in the lab for two days before he found a suitable endoskeleton to inhabit, then he pulled his rotting skin over his inhabited Dragomatronic body. He is the fifth and final original.


More to be added as characterization/RPs progress!