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Nubis William III
Nubis SpyroBiel

Nubis William's Look (Picture made by my friend Spyro on SFCW)

Background information
Creator The-Bismarck
Theme Song(s) World So Cold (While searching for his grandfather)

Sick of It (While hunting down the group that killed his family)

?????? (While he spends time with his love and family)

Elemental Attribute Mechanic and nature
Main Attribute Smart, thinks about his actions before acting (inherited from his mother). While he is also a little cococky (inherited from his father).
Theme Animal Fennic Fox
Theme Color Yellow & White
Character information
Age 21 years old
Gender Male
Occupation He is currently living on funds given to him from his parents inherits after their deaths. But, he is currently working on becoming a pilot and explorer like his family.
Species Fox
Goal N/A
Residence A small house on the outskirts of a city. (WIP)
Relatives Grandfather (MIA)

Mother † (Deceased, due to plane accident)

Father † (Deceased, due to plane accident)

???? (Wife)

Allies N/A
Enemies  ???? Research Group: Formed during the Second World War, this group has been hunting down the William Family for decades.
Likes Ice cream, soda, TV shows, spending time with his love ones and family, going out to the shooting rang, hiking, exploring, finding new items and discoveries.
Dislikes Sitting down all day, being home sick, not being able to see the ones he loves, cabin fever, really cold climates.
Powers and abilities N/A
Weapons His grandfathers .357 Magnum
Quote "Cherish the ones you love, it might end in a day."


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