Nyro the Leopard
Da Hop Scotcha
First appearance Lippies V.5
Appearances Lippies versions 5-6, will appear in Theta the Otter
Biographical Overview
Name Nyro Fletcher
Nicknames Ny, Ny-Ny
Age 18
Birthday May 19th
Birthplace Clover Falls
Physical description
Species Amur leopard
Gender Male
Height 5'3"
Weight 152 lbs
Fur/feather/scale colour Red and white with black spots/rosettes
Eye colour Golden yellow (right eye is cybernetic)
Attire Cybernetic foot/leg braces, cybernetic eye, uses metal claws in battle
Alignment and character traits
Alignment Good
Favourite food
Likes Hanging out with his best friend Tito, peace and quiet, minks
Dislikes Gore and unnecessary violence, romance, the Lippies Association, Sesame Snaps
Relatives Lance the Leopard (father), Larianne the Leopard (mother)
Friends Tito the Mink, Paws the Wolf (to a degree), Theta the Otter
Rivals Paws the Wolf (friendly rival), Strider the Lynx and his gang
Enemies Dr. Lee Thompson
Skills and powers Intelligence and fighting skills

Nyro the Leopard (pronounced nigh-ro) is an anthropomorphic 18-year-old red Amur leopard created by RedLeopardNyro. He has been considered the main character of RLN since his debut in Lippies V.5, a weird comic series that had started out as a terrible Sonic fanfiction and had one too many versions. Since Lippies V.3 however, none of the versions have been completed. Instead, RLN is working on a new comic series titled Theta the Otter, which Nyro will eventually make an appearance in.

More stuff will be added to his page once he appears in the Theta the Otter series.



  • Nyro's name used to be spelled as "Kniro", but I changed it due to confusion with pronunciation. People often mispronounced the silent K, or very often mispronounced his name as "nee-ro".
    • Though people due tend to occasionally say "nee-ro" rather than "nigh-ro" with the new spelling, it is not as common as before.
    • His full title also used to be "Kniro the Amur Leopard" but has been shortened to just "Nyro the Leopard".
  • Nyro was actually used to replace Knuckles in Lippies since for the first four versions it was a Sonic fanfiction. While his first designs resembled Knuckles a bit more, his later designs seem to grow further away from Knuckles' appearance.
    • Unlike Ken Penders whose Knuckles "replacement" just looks like Knuckles with a goatee.
    • The Sonic fanfiction stuff was a terrible phase. I shall never go back to that.