Order is Storm's OC, adopted from Mystic Ice. Do not use her without permission. Only Mystic can use when ever.

Random Edit

Order is a female feral wind dragoness. She has abilities in advanced sorcery, and being a wind dragon has (weaker than average since she doesn't practise then often) powers to influence the direction of the wind.

Her scales are hard, but her undersides are not protected at all by any kind if armour, making her extremely vulnerable to attacks from below.

Age: 19

Appearance Edit

A pale lavender dragoness with a long neck, huge pterodactyl wings with a bladed thumb, green eyes, curved horns, and a sail down her tail.

maybe someday I'll upload her pictures.

Personality Edit


Shy, empathetic, understanding, loyal, and kind. Order likes everything to be "in order", and dislikes when things are a mess. She is ignored, and is usually distant and quiet. Order was never very popular, hovering on the fringes of society and hopping from home to home. She is nomadic, never wishing to settle in one place alone for too long.

She likes to imagine herself in other peoples' skin, and finds it delightfully challeging to imagine what they are thinking, where they are going and what they are doing. Order values fairness, and doesn't like when others argue over pointless things, or things she knows they have no chance of winning (although she secretly loves a good debate once in a while).

Some may regard her as crazy, but that's just because she spends a lot of her time studying magic alone. She is a very powerful sorcerer, and is respected by those who know of her power.