This is my character like me.

Owl is a Noctowl from Pokémon.

Why Owl is like meEdit

I nicknamed Noctowl Owl a long time ago when I was little. Owl was brave and faced anything. He took every single attack head on. He got me through any challenge. Until one day my Pokémon gold game got deleted. It was corrupted. I never found a Noctowl like him again. Owl was the first Pokémon I caught. The second Pokemon owned. 1st to reach level 100.

What he means to meEdit

Owl is the most lovable friend you could ever have. When I was first getting into Pokémon I was bullied a lot. Pokemon in my school was popular at the time. I was a noob at it. People made fun of me for it. I challenged them with only Owl. I actually won. I beat all of them. The bullies stopped the next day. Then that's when I lost my Owl. He fought for me.

Why I put him hereEdit

Noctowl, my Owl, will always be my furry friend. :)