Ripplestep is Vee's OC. Please don't use her without permission.


Ripplestep is a silvery-blue female cat with white ears, paws, muzzle, chin, underbelly, and tailtip. She has dark tabby stripes, and some pale dappled areas on her flanks, back, tail, and face. She has wide, bright turquiose eyes. Ripplestep has small paws with tufts of fur just above the backs of her paws, a long, feathery tail, and small ears. She has very soft, long, feathery fur, which thickens out near her neck.


She is gentle and kind, and can't bear seeing others in pain. Even if they're an enemy who's likely to betray her, she tries to heal whoever is injured. She is very modest, and tries to make herself seem worse at everything. She dislikes whoever hurts others, but doesn't do much to stop them, as she is a horrible fighter. -tbc-


Ripplestep was born into a warrior Clan, RiverClan. She was born half-Clan; her mother was pure-RiverClan, her father was half-ShadowClan half-ThunderClan. No one knew of her heritage. No one but her mother and her father. Even she and her siblings didn't know of it.

Her siblings' names at the time were Swiftkit, Ravenkit, and Flickerkit. When the four were still kits, a rogue snuck into camp and tried to kidnap the kits. When he was found, instead of running he killed Flickerkit and tried to kill the others. He was driven out, but not before he had killed Ravenkit and Swiftkit. Ripplekit, from then on, was traumatized after seeing her siblings slaughtered.

When she became an apprentice, the rogue attacked again and brought friends. They attacked the camp, killing mostly apprentices and elders. Eventually, they were either driven out or killed by the RiverClan warriors.