Appearance Edit


Oh meh goodness, THE CUTENESS

Roxy is a little orange fox. She has bright teal eyes and soft, white, fluffy paws. Her ear tips are black, and the tip of her tail is white. Sometimes, she wears her large, poofy, fluffy, frilly hat, which is also teal.


Roxy is fun, silly, crazy, funny, hyper, and so much more! She is very fun to be around. She is always hyper and crazy. She is mostly innocent and naive.


StarryShadowWing: Starry is Roxy's best friend. She enjoys hanging out with him and cheering him up if he gets sad. Roxy loves this crazy-awesome dragon.

Silk: Roxy likes to hang out with Silk, but thinks she's a little overboard crazy. Like, she hates CPR... and what about all of the Amazon Silk clone warriors?!

Zanya: Roxy thinks she needs to lighten up and have more fun. She's way too serious!

Background information
Creator Tundra
Theme Song(s) The Walker, Be Okay
Elemental Attribute
Main Attribute
Theme Animal
Theme Color Orange, black, white, and a bright teal.
Character information
Age 18
Gender female
Occupation playing, being silly, hanging out with Starry, working at Pizza Hut or the Ice cream shack for a little extra money.
Goal For everyone to be happy!
Residence She travels a lot.
Relatives Some random foxes.
Allies Almost everyone, Starry, Silk (at times)
Enemies Almost no one.
Likes Playing with Starry, her large, poofy, fluffy, frilly hat, being happy.
Dislikes Almost nothing... People being unhappy, sadness.
Powers and abilities