The only thing you can see are his piercing yellow eyes...

Secret is a pitch black dragon that few even know the existence about. He never shows himself during the day, and he never goes near other dragons-only the ones that were at his hatching know. Please do not use or without my permission.

Appearance Edit

Secret is a very dark dragon. He has glaring, piercing yellow eyes that never have any sympathy, except for when he truly trusts someone. He is pitch, pure black, and almost never gets his claws dirty. He is the last member of his tribe- VoidWings. He will never show himself, and he can breath fire. He also has the ability to hold his breath for seven hours, so it is nearly impossible to escape from him when he wants to hunt you down.

Personality Edit

He is deadly and loves being feared. He will often watch concealed, waiting and giving whoever he's watching a creepy, fearful feeling. He will hold grudges forever, but when he sees someone is truly hurt to the point of starving, he will come out of hiding and comfort them and stay by them forever, unless he finds out they just wanted attention and eventually back stab him.

An exception to this is Starry, who he formed a special bond with.

History Edit

(Will be created when I can think of a good one XP)