Silver is a female fox, she is FlareTheSkyWing's. Don't steal her. Credit to Texting for the picture.  

Background information
Creator FlareTheSkyWing
Theme Song(s)
Elemental Attribute Wind
Main Attribute Fluffiness
Theme Animal Fox (Duh)
Theme Color Silver, black, and white. (Totally didn't reference pokemon there…)
Character information
Occupation None
Species Fox
Goal Nothing
Residence Forest
Relatives Unknown
Allies Her friends
Enemies Foes
Likes Running, stuff, almost everything..
Dislikes Not a lot
Powers and abilities Smell, speed
Weapons Teeth
Quote "I'm fluffy. :3"


Silver is a silver furred fox, her tail is tipped white then black. She has white underfur and black paws. She has a black mane that she normally keeps in a braid. Silver has bright sapphire blue eyes. She has a slender build, ensuring speed and stealth. She is very fluffy.


Silver is quite optimistic, always trying too give someone a laugh. She is always willing to help others. Silver is very clever and sneaky, and likes too surprise dragons by sneaking up on them. She is quick on her feet, and very fast.