Sinestra is property of Stormlash. If you use her without my permission, I will ban you!

Art by Mystic. 

Background information
Creator Stormlash
Theme Song(s) Imagine Dragons-It's time
Elemental Attribute Fire
Main Attribute Bravery
Theme Animal
Theme Color Orange
Character information
Age 12
Gender Female
Occupation Finding Brimstone
Goal Finding Brimstone
Residence Anywhere she wants
Relatives Dead
Allies FlameWings
Enemies Brimstone
Likes FlameWings
Dislikes Brimstone
Powers and abilities Fire, ignitable scales, teeth, and claws.
Weapons Fire, ignitable scales, teeth, and claws.
Quote "I will find and kill Brimstone..."


She was a low class FlameWing that happened to save an noble's life when he was attacked by Brimstone. She took the hit from Brimstone's lava blade. It slashed her side, searing and mutilating her scales, but she survived the attack and now has a scar on her right side. She was given a place to live because of her sacrifice. She is now a respected assassin.


She can be extremely frisky and cuddly if she is in a good mood, but it is rare. She normally is in a cocky, sassy mood, annoying other dragons around her.


Sinestra is a 12 year old female FlameWing. Her primary scales are a light red and her underscales are orange. She has straight white horns, blue eyes, and orange wing membranes.


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