Steam is Texting's dragonsona, given to Stormlash, please do not steal her. Or I will get Ticci Toby and her, and things will 

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Background information
Creator Texting, Lucifer
Theme Song(s)
Elemental Attribute .. Blood?
Main Attribute Despair, psychopathy
Theme Animal Skink
Theme Color Orange
Character information
Age 13
Gender Female
Occupation Loner
Species Dragon
Goal None
Allies None in particular
Enemies None
Likes Scissors, screwdrivers, being alone, being with people sometimes
Dislikes Many things
Powers and abilities Unknown
Weapons Scissors
Quote "..."
not be so pretty >3>  


Steam is a light grey dragon, with a tan underbelly, and gradient tan legs. Her eyes are blue. She has a long, brown mane, and headphones are wrapped around her neck. Her tail tapers to a whip thin end, it being banded with black and orange. Spines litter her tail and her back. She has black stripes on her legs and her back, and thicker silver ones on her neck. She wears a bandana of some kind around her face. She is often seen carrying scissors, though the reason is unknown.


Steam has two personalites that shift at random times. Some days she's happy and fine, while others she's a complete psychopath


Steam's normal personality is funloving, hyper, and easy to get along with. She can brighten up any room with her craziness. She loves to be around her friends, and randomly tackle-hugs people, as well as dog piling them.


At other times, unfortunately, she can be a total sadist, psychopath, and overall emo. She sits down, sad, and thinks about her life, not wanting anyone to come near her or she'll shred them to pieces with those scissors. After this short "emo spell", she laughs hysterically, rocking herself in the corner and staring at her scissors. At that point, she acts like a creepy psychopath.