Varla is a female Fox/dragon science experiment. She was merged while an egg with fox DNA, making her have different abilities and looks. Do NOT use without permission.

Appearance Edit

Varla has short, straight horns on the back of her head. She had golden under scales and long, sharp claws, but that's about all of her dragon like features. She had a fox-like snout, with large ears and deep blue eyes. She has long, golden-orange colored fur. She has fox paws, with fur on the soles of her paws. She has a long, extremely fluffy tail. She can puff up all of her fur to make herself look bigger. She has large, bat-like wings covered in short orange fur

Abilities Edit

She can breathe average fire, but she can't do anything else dragon wise. She can, however, use her long and sharp claws to damage enemies lethally. She can also fluff up her fur to make her look much larger than she actually is, making others think they shouldn't pick a. Fight with her. She has an extremely good sense of hearing, and her sense of smell is almost as good. When meeting someone, she will try to give them a long sniff, as their smell can tell them a lot, like what job they have currently. She has slightly dulled sight, but she can see color. Her intelligence outside survival is dulled, but she knows how to survive in the wild. She can also run slightly more agile, but not too much more.

The fur on the bottom of her paws muffles her steps.