Veyron is Luster's OC, but is pretty much free to use. :3 Just tell her where you used her.

Background information
Creator Luster
Theme Song(s)
Elemental Attribute MAGIC
Main Attribute Funness
Theme Animal A unicorn. With wings. (a pegacorn?)
Theme Color White
Character information
Age 17
Gender female
Occupation None
Species Unicorn. (is it pegacorn? Pegasus and Unicorn?)
Goal To be awesomer than everyone else
Residence Everywhere
Allies everyone
Powers and abilities Magical stuff
Quote "Neigh. *sparkle noises*"


Veyron is a very sleek creature. She is well muscled and strong, but also lean and graceful.
Veyron sketch


She is, biologically, a winged unicorn. (Haters gonna hate B])

Her coat is short and shiny, a white speckled with brownish and grey flecks. (See here [1] ) Her mane is white with streaks of the same brown as the specks. Her eyes are a reflective black and her ears are large and stand upright.

Her downy feathers on her wings are the speckled white of her body. The convert/secondaries are the brown of the spots, and the primaries are a jet black.

Her horn is long and curved slightly backwards. Like a banana.


Veyron is a very, very happy horsie. She loves flying around and being with others, thriving on social interaction. She can be a bit obnoxious at times and very irritating, but is generally just smiley and fun.

She can be very competitive and will pout when she doesn't win. She is, to put it shortly, a sore loser and a bad winner, flaunting her victory in the loser's face.


She's magical of course!

She can manifest rainbows with her horn and can fly as well. She can speak fluent English and many other languages. She is not very coordinated, but makes up for that with her optimism.

She can do only limited magics, however, like manifesting glitter, rainbows, and puppies and kittens.


  • shes named after, quite obviously, the Bugatti Veyron. :3
  • Shes always the life of the party
  • She loves to talk.