Zanya is Tundra's furry! Please do not use without permission!




Zanya is a lioness. Her fur is a grayish/brownish/blondish. Her eyes are a deep, stormy gray. She has many scars, including one that goes down her cheek. She has black dreadlocks. She usually wears a ripped white top, with green, baggy pants. She has many knives and weapons. If she can get her paws on one, she uses a bow. She is more of an anthro, so she stands on two legs, and looks a little more human. 


Zanya is a cold soul, almost never smiling. She is grumpy, and sometimes mean. She is very tough, not really having a caring soul. She takes care of herself, not other weaklings. She only acts 'nice' to furries she knows and loves.


She had a tough life. When she grew up, she was starving. Her whole family. They were poor. Her father left Zanya and her mother. Zanya's mother said she would go to the market to get food one day... She never came back. Zanya was alone. She got very sad... Then angry. Her own mother deserted her. Zanya ran into the wild, living in the woods. She is a lone wolf... Or should I say lion?


Zanya, by Luster

Zanya, by Luster

  • Zanya is my badass character... I felt I needed one.
  • deep inside, Zanya can sometimes be caring.
  • Zanya is always depressed, just hiding it with her tough side.